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The following is the first of a two-part series on the importance of certification standards with a view toward achieving recognition of the interpreting field as a profession on a par with those already regulated and standardized in the United States. Part 1: Why Certification Matters Early...

By Barry Slaugther Olsen, Co-President, InterpretAmerica The word “technology” means different things to different people.  But when it comes to interpreters, the “T” word tends to conjure up all sorts of largely unfounded fear and denial. “Will I be replaced by a computer?” or “Oh, a computer...

Do people often ask you, "So you're one of those people with the little machine?" (No, that's the court reporter.) "What is it you do again?" "How do you manage to do that?" Or our collective favorite, "I grew up speaking [language], how do I start working for your court as an interpreter?... I have to do *what*? An exam? But I really speak both!" Here are a few videos to pass along to your friends/family/co-workers about what it is we court interpreters do, precisely: