FCCI – Public Release Roster

Federally Certified Court Interpreters – Public Release Roster

The Court Interpreters Act, 28 U.S.C. § 1827 (b)(3) states that the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) must maintain a current master list of all federally certified court interpreters. The master list, known as the National Court Interpreter Database (NCID), is the judiciary’s definitive record of all federally certified court interpreters (FCCIs) who have taken and passed the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination in Spanish, Haitian Creole or Navajo.

The AO maintains a public version of the NCID know as the Public Release Roster (PRR). The PRR is not available online, but is available to all federal courts and the general public upon request from the Clerk’s Office of any United States District Court. In an effort to make the information easily available to members and the public, NAJIT will regularly request and publish an updated courtesy copy of the PRR on the NAJIT website.

It is important to note that release of the PRR does not constitute a recommendation for services or endorsement of any particular individual by the AO or by NAJIT. Parties requiring the services of an interpreter should assess the interpreter’s training and pertinent experience before procuring their services. Please visit our Publications page for additional information on best practices for hiring interpreters and translators.

The AO has established a self-help portal known as that NCID Gateway which allows FCCIs to review and make changes to their own information. Additional assistance is also available for FCCIs who are having problems logging in or who require changes to their names by contacting the NCID Administrator by email at NCID_Help@ao.uscourts.gov or by calling 202-502-1500.