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We facilitate collaborations between professional practitioners and academic researchers leading to more effective public policies for language services providers, as well as theoretical constructs better suited for the training and education of judiciary interpreters & translators, all in the interest of higher ethical and performance standards for our professions.

Annotated Bibliography on Legal and Judiciary Interpreting

This project, prepared by Eloísa Monteoliva García, a PhD candidate at the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland at the time she was conducting the research, was funded by a grant from SSTI.

This is a comprehensive literature review in judiciary interpreting, including the courts, law enforcement, prisons and related fields. Interpreters, translators, researchers, educators. There are two .pdf versions of the bibliography that include the same collection of annotated works, each of them following a different order: alphabetical (by author) and chronological (from oldest to newest). Each annotation is followed by a number of keywords that offer a brief context for the annotation. You may download the bibliography by authors or by dates from our projects page. Also available, as a result of this same project, is a searchable database in Excel that can be downloaded from the projects page as well.

The bibliography and database are available free of charge. However, your donations help us continue to sponsor projects such as this one.


During the 2017 NAJIT Annual Educational Conference SSTI sponsored a panel on Building bridges between theory and practice: Evidence-based research in legal interpreting and translation, with presentations by researchers from Barcelona, Geneva, Edinburgh, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2018 SSTI and NAJIT also co-sponsored a panel presentation during the 9th Biennial Conference of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA), held March 29 through April 1, 2018, at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. The theme of the panel was “Translating Research into Practice in Judiciary Interpreting and Legal Translation.”


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