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Elevate Your Image as an Interpreter in Court and Elsewhere

Presenter: Beatriz E. Bogard, U.S. Courts Certified Interpreter and Certified Image Consultant by The London Image Institute

Date: August 12, 2023

Time: 1:00 pm ET to 2:30 pm ET / 10 am PT – 11:30 am PT (90 minutes)

Overview: Have you ever wondered what your image says about you? Your image includes not only the clothes you wear but your body language, communication skills, and etiquette. Your image needs to say that you are effective professionally and personally; it should reflect your accomplishments. Did you know that it only takes a few seconds for others to make judgments about you? We make judgments about others based purely on appearances, and it all happens at a subconscious level. Clearly, since we make such profound value judgments from such superficial evidence, it would also seem important to carefully choose the way we dress to communicate our attributes and value to others. In this class we will learn the importance of our image in our work as interpreters and how we can elevate it to be used as a tool to communicate efficiency and professionalism. Attendees will also receive great tips on how to use color to our advantage in different professional settings.

Objectives: To learn the importance of our work as interpreters. To learn how to dress appropriately for different court settings, in a way that communicates knowledge, confidence, and professionalism. How to make a good first impression.

  • The three main elements of a good image.
  • The level of formality in the different court settings.
  • Depositions, conferences, medical clinics, etc.
  • Tips for freelance interpreters

*NOTE: Participants must attend the entire live webinar to receive a certificate of attendance. 


$35 for Members
$50 for Non-Members

CEU’s: CE credit was not requested. Some states have approved this webinar for credit. Every attendee of the live session will receive a certificate of attendance.

Unable to attend live? A link to the recording will be sent to anyone who has registered for the webinar.

Registration closes at midnight the day before the webinar.

Beatriz Bogard is originally from Veracruz, México, and came to this country almost 30 years ago. She’s a Federally Certified Spanish Interpreter with over 22 years of experience as a court interpreter. Seven years ago, she felt the need to do something creative and started studying fashion and jewelry design, and fashion styling. She then became a Certified Image Consultant by the London Image Institute in Atlanta, GA. In 2020, she founded Bogard House of Style, Image Consulting and opened her studio in Phoenix, Arizona. She helps people find their true style and elevate their image to succeed in their professional careers and personal lives. She advises clients on Color Analysis and Image, which includes wardrobe, hair, and makeup, as well as communication skills, behavior, and etiquette. Beatriz is also a keynote speaker and instructor, doing image workshops and presentations in English and Spanish. She’s a full-time staff interpreter at the U.S. District Courts in Phoenix.

This webinar does not offer continuing education credits.


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