SSTI Research Collaborative

What is the SSTI Research Collaborative?

The SSTI Research Collaborative is a hands-on research initiative that aims to gather together researchers and interpreters/ translators who are interested in carrying out research for a year of learning, collaboration, and discovery. Working in small teams with the guidance of a senior researcher, these teams will identify pressing questions in our field and launch their own research projects to seek answers.

(If you’re looking for mentoring opportunities in professional practice and interpreting/translation skills development, please contact the NAJIT Board at to learn about NAJIT’s new profession-centered mentorship program).

Why launch the SSTI Research Collaborative?

The SSTI board members strongly believes that collaborative research has the potential to produce work that is relevant to the field and to actual practice, and we want to build relationships that optimize the types of research that practitioners are doing and / or want to do. This collaborative approach with the common goal of advancing the profession together lies at the core of SSTI’s mission.

Who will the SSTI Research Collaborative serve?

We envision three categories of participants working together throughout a year-long cohort experience:

  1. practicing translators or interpreters (signed or spoken language) who are interested in conducting research (as mentees);
  2. early-career researchers (as mentees); and
  3. mid-career and experienced researchers (as mentors/research supervisors).

What will participants do at the SSTI Research Collaborative?

The SSTI Research Collaborative is a year-long initiative that will run from NAJIT conference to NAJIT conference. We will launch our cohort year in the late spring of 2021 with a special SSTI Research Collaborative bootcamp, which will pave the way for our work with research-oriented workshops, team-building activities, and brainstorming sessions. Throughout the year, there will be several collective webinars, some of which will bring us all together, while others will be specific to each type of mentee (for example, on navigating life in academia or publishing for early career researchers, or on research methods and techniques to engage with existing research for practitioners). All webinars will be open to all participants, so you’d be welcome to join all of them if you’re so inclined!

Throughout the year, mentees will have quarterly progress check-ins with their mentor as they develop their research project. As a culminating experience, mentees, in collaboration with their mentors, will present their research at an inaugural SSTI Research Collaborative research symposium which will run in tandem with the spring 2022 NAJIT conference. Although the nature of participants’ projects and the extent of their collaboration will vary and will determine each mentee’s time commitments, we envision a year of mutual learning, inspiration, and real collaboration.


We welcome applications from:

1. Practicing translators or interpreters who are:

    • Active practitioners in legal/judiciary translation and/or interpreting;
    • At any stage of their careers; and
    • Interested in problem-solving through empirical research methods, either as a function of their professional responsibilities or out of a desire to contribute to the current knowledge base in our fields.
    • There is no need for NAJIT membership or previous research experience.

2. Early career researchers who are:

    • Current graduate (MA & PhD) students or researchers who received their PhDs in or after 2016;
    • In translation and interpreting studies (TIS) or related field; and
    • Interested in legal/judiciary translation and/or interpreting as a field of study.
    • There is no need for institutional affiliation (independent researchers are encouraged to apply!) or NAJIT membership.

3. Mid-career and experienced researchers who have:

    • Demonstrable research experience in translation and interpreting studies (TIS) or related field; and
    • An interest in supervising research on legal/judiciary translation and/or interpreting;
    • Previous experience with research supervision is welcome, but not necessary.
    • There is no need for institutional affiliation or NAJIT membership.

Benefits to participants

Both mentees and mentors accepted into the first cohort will receive one year of NAJIT membership, a textbook resource to start or expand your research library, and an opportunity to present at the year-end, one-day research symposium (in the form of a NAJIT pre-conference workshop). The non-material benefits include the opportunity to develop a research project collaboratively, to access webinars by top scholars, and to experience direct contact with and guidance from your mentor and the SSTI team.

Interested? Apply here before April 15th, 2021.

The application process consists of a preliminary application followed by a brief interview so that we can best assess your needs and interests. Selection will be holistic and related to affinity with mentors’ expertise and the Collaborative’s ability to form well-matched teams.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Please do not submit applications via email.

We sincerely look forward to creating new relationships and building ways for us to all be better learners, teachers, researchers, translators and interpreters.