Judiciary Interpreting and Legal Translation

Bibliography & Database

This project, prepared by Eloísa Monteoliva García, a PhD candidate at the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland at the time she was conducting the research, was funded by a grant from SSTI.

This is a comprehensive literature review in judiciary interpreting, including the courts, law enforcement, prisons and related fields. Interpreters, translators, researchers, educators. There are two .pdf versions of the bibliography that include the same collection of annotated works, each of them following a different order: alphabetical (by author) and chronological (from oldest to newest). Each annotation is followed by a number of keywords that offer a brief context for the annotation. You may download the bibliography by authors or by dates below. Also available, as a result of this same project, is a searchable database in Excel that can be downloaded below as well.

The bibliography and database are available free of charge. However, your donations help us continue to sponsor projects such as this one.

Eloísa Monteoliva García worked very hard to make these resources available to you, which we hope you find to be of much benefit for your academic endeavors and professional development. If you were to use any portion of the bibliographies or database in a work you publish subsequently, we ask that you give Ms. Monteoliva García due credit, as well as SSTI for having sponsored the original research and now provided a vehicle to disseminate the results.