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The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators promotes the highest professional standards in interpreting and translation. Professional interpreting is required to ensure due process, equal protection and equal access to the administration of justice for non-English or limited English proficient (LEP) individuals. Judiciary interpreters work in court settings, but also out of court, when the proceedings may have legal consequences. For example, professional legal interpreters are required for accurate interpretation during depositions, administrative hearings or attorney-client interviews. Professional legal interpreters are also used in law enforcement investigations, or in the review, transcription and translation of recorded evidence

NAJIT members include judiciary interpreters and translators, as well as conference, community and medical interpreters. NAJIT boasts a growing number of interpreters and translators who work between English and all major non-English spoken languages as well as American Sign Language (ASL), and counts among its members judicial officers and administrators, language service providers, academics and interpreting and translation students. While most of our membership resides in the U.S, some members live and work in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Anyone with an interest in the field of legal interpreting and translating or who shares NAJIT’s interests and objectives is welcome to join.


As its primary stewards, this statement is a vital expression of the outcomes the NAJIT Board of Directors will strive to achieve in the work we do, and our commitment to transparency in our intent. We will ensure that the Association’s short- and long-term projects and activities are aligned with the ethical principles and best practices of the judiciary interpreting and legal translation professions. We support the committees’ efforts to create distinctive and meaningful activities that add value to NAJIT’s membership in alignment with the Association’s mission and vision. In addition to our prescribed fiduciary duties of care, loyalty and obedience, the Board also partners with its management staff to develop and sustain ongoing strategic thinking to fulfill our duty of foresight as we consistently seek opportunities for innovation, as well as professional recognition and advancement for practitioners. We always strive to ensure that our work embodies a commitment to exchanges and collaborations with members, sister organizations, and all stakeholders that share our passion for the highest standards and our quest for intellectual growth and progress in all aspects of the judiciary interpreting and legal translation professions.


NAJIT’s mission is to promote continuing excellence and ensure professional recognition for judiciary interpreters and translators, by advocating, upholding, and safeguarding the highest professional standards. The Association provides practitioners with in-person, digital, and virtual forums where they can network, share experiences, and research topics in a timely fashion, supporting these activities with training and educational opportunities to build on their field-specific knowledge, hone their interpreting and translation skills, mentor and be resources for each other. NAJIT brings together the strength of its members in one united front to pursue initiatives that benefit the best interests of judiciary interpreters and translators.


NAJIT’s vision is to be the professional association that sets national uniform standards for judiciary interpreters and legal translators, assuming a leading role in the identification of essential academic and skills-building continuing education of the highest caliber for the maintenance of said standards. NAJIT would also be the foremost respected authority on what constitutes reliable credentialing in accordance with criteria established by and for members of the profession. In advocating for the profession, NAJIT will provide unrelenting support for initiatives in defense of best practices for judiciary interpreting and translation.

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