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Through the work of volunteers, the NAJIT Board and committees seek out ways to influence legislation and support important issues of the profession.

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May 14, 2019:
Letter to Texas Legislators

The NAJIT Advocacy Committee writes a letter to Texas legislators in opposition of proposed Bills SB 2176 and HB 3627.

May 1, 2019:
Updated NAJIT Position Paper

After ten years, the newly revised NAJIT Position Paper on Transcription/Translation is now available. The position paper is for the benefit of both the users of transcription/translation services and the practitioners who provide them, addressing topics such as the qualifications required to do this type of specialized work, quality assurance, and the role of the transcription/translation expert as expert witness. A useful tool that examines this hybrid specialization from both the theoretical and practical perspectives.

February 11, 2019:
2019 NAJIT Scholars Program

The NAJIT Board of Directors is proud to share the 2019 NAJIT Scholars Program for our upcoming 40th Annual Conference. NAJIT honors students of translation or interpreting degree programs by providing them a scholarship to attend the event.

February 7, 2019:
Registration is open for NAJIT’s 40th Annual Conference

Join us for our 40th anniversary celebration! NAJIT’s Annual Conference is the premier event for language professionals and stakeholders of language services. Our conference provides a unique opportunity to network with language professionals. Earn continuing education credit while attending insightful educational sessions focusing on the profession.

November 9, 2018:
NAJIT Mourns the Loss of Esther Navarro-Hall

NAJIT joins our colleagues, members and the entire profession in mourning the passing of Esther Navarro-Hall. Esther was a prior NAJIT Director and former Chair of the Board of Directors. Her vision helped lead NAJIT to greater heights and her legacy lives on in our Association and the entire profession that she so selflessly served. Esther is gone too soon, but she has left an indelible mark on our profession and on everyone she touched. May cherished memories bring comfort to her family and friends, and may she rest in peace. Click below to read more about the life and work of Esther Navarro-Hall.

November 7, 2018:
Virtual Town Hall Scheduled for December 4th, 2018

The Board of Directors will hold a virtual town hall open to members and non-members. The Board would like to share current NAJIT objectives as well as discuss recent announcements. The town hall will be open to the first 100 joiners. The session will be recorded. Click below to register to attend.

November 7, 2018:
Announcement from the Board of Directors

Click below to read a letter from the Board of Directors announcing the NAJIT Healthcare Program for NAJIT members along with some other important items.

October 23, 2018:
“Subject to Interpretation” with Agustin de la Mora
interviews NAJIT’s Executive Director

Click below to listen to an interview with NAJIT’s Executive Director, Rob Cruz, to hear about how he came to the profession and his work at NAJIT. Find all episodes of “Subject to Interpretation” here.

July 26, 2018:
NAJIT Statement on Interpreter Confidentiality

NAJIT releases a statement on the perils of subpoenaing an interpreter to testify about the substance of an assignment.

June 20, 2018:
NAJIT Addresses the Georgia Commission on Interpreters

Executive Director, Rob Cruz, represented NAJIT by addressing the Georgia Commission on Interpreters on June 20th, 2018 as part of their continuing efforts to promote high standards regarding language access. Mr. Cruz spoke on key aspects of the profession such as attracting more potential interpreters and the importance of continuing education requirements. Click below for more details on the event.

June 9, 2018:
2018 NAJIT Election Results

Congratulations to the 2018 Board of Directors election winners: Aimee Benavides, Armando Ezquerra Hasbun, Claudia Rubio Samulowitz, and Teresa Salazar. The board has selected Aimee Benavides as the Chair of the Board, returning board member Hilda Shymanik as Treasurer and Claudia Rubio Samulowitz as Secretary. The Nominations Committee should be commended for all of their efforts.

May 22, 2018:
Announcing a new resource to aid in sharing the benefits of working with a professional interpreter

The NAJIT Bench and Bar Committee is proud to share a second infographic resource. This infographic is designed to help share the benefits of working with a professional interpreter. Click the button below to access the infographic. Access the bench and bar page to view more resources.

May 1, 2018:
2018 NAJIT Scholar Winners

The NAJIT Board is proud to announce the 2018 NAJIT Scholars. Click the button below to view all five scholarship recipients.

April 13, 2018:
NAJIT Responds to a Draft of a New Fee Schedule for 
Workers Compensation Interpreters in California

Lorena Ortiz Schneider, from the California Workers’ Compensation Interpreters Association, brought to our attention that a draft of a new fee schedule for workers compensation interpreters in California has been released and is open for public comment. Click below to read the full story and NAJIT’s response.

February 28, 2018:
Announcing a new resource to aid in working with interpreters in a legal setting

The NAJIT Bench and Bar Committee is proud to share a helpful script for professionals who are working with interpreters in a legal setting. It doesn’t come naturally, but with these tips, it can certainly be a smooth process.


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