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I get asked about personal and business websites all the time, but the answer is not as easy as many might think. If you do not do any type of freelance work, what would you need a website for? Also, nowadays there are many options such...

Editor's Note: Interpreters Want to See You Shine was first published on LinkedIn in 2017 where it was viewed more than 1800 times. I love my job. I know, I am lucky! The agencies that hire me usually go beyond the norm. But their clients have...

This being the last Friday of the year, we will share below the most popular posts of 2019, by month. The selection is based on the number of comments the post received and that will vary greatly with the seasons. Summer is an especially difficult...

By Athena Matilsky © 2017 Last year I left my job as a Superior Court staff interpreter, and moved from New Jersey to the beautiful city of Montreal. I’m here temporarily, working on a book and improving my French. The idea is that with increased language...

We love it when our articles get your attention. And especially when it is one of The Couch help pieces, because it is a teaching and mentoring tool and each one of you who comments on them is helping a colleague out. We thank all who...

This is a time to celebrate gratitude; a time to recognize, acknowledge and be thankful for our experiences. A good life is not one free of hardships; it is one in which there is a balance between good and bad times. We can't all achieve a...

One constant in our jobs is the learning. Be it because of technological developments, new terminology, new practices or linguistic influences or whatever, we are always learning something new. Each job we do either has content that teaches us something or demands research that will...

Association-sponsored conferences for 2020 are starting to put out their calls for papers, first and foremost NAJIT. It used to be that presentations at judiciary interpreter & translator conferences were only or mostly for those working to and from Spanish. It also used to be...