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-by Gio Lester, 2014 At the last arbitration for which I interpreted, the panel consisted of three judges: a monolingual American, a bilingual native Spanish speaker and a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker who also spoke Spanish and English. The lawyers for the parties were mostly bilingual,...

Continuing our retrospective, Jennifer De La Cruz answers our questions: NAJIT Blog- What did you learn from your participation in the blog?   Jennifer: Simply put, I have learned how much has to go into publishing your thoughts for your professional colleagues. We have to consider how relevant, impactful,...

As 2013 comes to a close, we all who have participated actively in keeping the blog current, appealing and meaningful are asked to share our feelings and lessons learned. We believe that sharing is closely related to learning and a very important part of the...

Giovanna Lester 2013 == Originally written for publication in the blog Adventures in Freelance Translation by Catherine Christaki and published on April 4, 2013. Communication takes place all the time, even when we are not aware of it. But there comes a time when we have something special to...

Her poise did not disguise her youth. Articulate as she was, one could not help but feel her insecurities. She was introduced as the interpreter for her step-father. Her first confident words were “I don’t think I can do this, but I will try. I...

We grew up hearing that first impressions are lasting. The internet has redefined the meaning of “lasting” in that sentence, and social media added one more characteristic to it, “pervasive.” In the 21 st Century most of the people you will ever deal with will...

- by Gio Lester (c) 2012 We are Communicators. As translators, interpreters and multicultural individuals we delight in acquiring knowledge as much as in sharing it. And what we do with our knowledge is exactly what this article is about. Our knowledge base consists of cultural and...

-by Giovanna Lester © 2012 Remote Interpreting (RI) is defined as any form of simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter works away from the meeting room either by telephone or by utilizing video-conferencing tools such as cable arrangements, closed-circuit TV and other similar technologies. Despite what many...

After 32 years in the same field, I also have my share of war stories. I’ve decided to tell a few. How do you say that, really? One time it was the word "balloons" that gave me trouble. I researched it with my friends in the Brazilian...

Now that you have an idea of how to attach value to your time and activity, it is time to  figure out how to best use banking and government tools to determine your taxes. No, this is not an accounting course. Relax and enjoy. In my...