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The Couch – Working During the Pandemic Can Be Trying

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The pandemic demands that we adapt but not everyone seems to be willing to do so. Can you help our colleague communicate his concerns to his clients?

First of all, thank you for all the material on the pandemic. Learning how to help myself financially and how to keep my sense of self is very important. All that done, I still have to deal with clients who do not understand my concerns regarding this pandemic.

home office set up with 3monitors, water bottle, and boom mic.

I had a depo scheduled for May prior to the pandemic. It was a continuation of a case I had done in January. My expectation was that the session would be changed to a virtual meeting. Nope. The lawyer wanted me present in the office with the court reporter, videographer, and deponent. BUT she was safely at home.

I refused to go, explaining I could do my job from home. I have a good set up and the required equipment. I prepared myself to work from home because my child is in the high-risk group due to immunodeficiency.

However, what disturbs me the most is the lawyer’s “I am more important than you” attitude. Has anyone else encountered it? How do you suggest I handle it if it happens again?

Thank you!


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  • Carmela Mustile
    Posted at 14:18h, 02 July Reply

    I am sorry this happened to you. I would recuse from the case. It is imperative to have stress free working conditions. None of us is a ‘machine’ so the emotional, safety, and psychological component must be taken into consideration. The nature of our profession is largely prone to errors, yet perfection is required. We must advocate for the oath to ourselves first, our own wellbeing, then professionally we can fully understand what it means ‘under oath’ . Thank you.

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