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NAJIT Position Papers Collection: An untapped resource

I would like to draw our readers’ attention to the importance of NAJIT’s Position Papers: this resource brings together research and opinions on topics of great impact on our profession. To refresh your recollection, following is a list of these resources.

These position papers bring together authoritative resources on subjects of importance to court interpretation and translation. I urge practitioners to carry these resources with you as tools to educate users of interpreting services.

I am struck by the publication dates of these papers and the dearth of publications between 2009, and the present. It is my understanding that a brand new, updated edition of the Position Paper Team Interpretation in the Court Room will be launched to coincide with NAJIT’s 41st Conference. This update comes not a moment too soon.

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to these most recent position papers and thank Teresa Salazar, the Chair of the Position Papers Committee, for her leadership toward this effort. Ours is the only national organization representing judiciary interpreters and translators and it behooves the organization to lead efforts setting standards and principles supported and recommended by NAJIT. The efforts of Teresa Salazar finally ended the decade-long gap in the production of pertinent position papers. Let’s not stop the flow now.

Feature photo by Barby Dalbosco on Unsplash

Gladys Segal portrait

Meet Gladys Segal: “With thirty years of experience in the courtroom and in court-related interpreting, I advocate for conditions conducive to fulfilling the responsibility judiciary interpreting entails. I believe in NAJIT’s role representing our discipline and appreciate NAJIT’s support on the issues that make or break our profession.

Let’s talk at our NAJIT Conference about team interpreting. I am passionate about the role of team interpreting and will be pouring this passion into our upcoming position paper.”

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  1. Carlos Stoll says:

    Hi Gladys: I’m Carl Stoll. We met at District of Columbia Superior Court in 2000-2004. I now live in Argentina, right in the corner where Argentina meets Bolivia and Chile, doing freelance translation.
    Keep in touch> stoliglot@gmail.com

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