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How do Interpreters Work? Here is an answer.

Professor Barry Olsen, two colleagues, two actors and an unknown number of technical personnel put together a video that answers the question above and which has gone viral. We believe this video can be an important tool in educating newcomers, our clients and agencies to better understand the work we interpreters do.

Educating our clients is a never-ending job and when tools that make it an easy task of explaining how we interpreters do our work are made available, we should all make good use of it.

We thank our colleagues, Barry Olsen and Katty Kauffman, who bring this very good tool for us. There is a second part coming, so keep your eyes open for the next installment, which is scheduled to be made available at the beginning of July.

And if you think you could use more persuasive videos like this one above, there are a few available on the internet, like this one by our colleague Ewandro Magalhães:

We look forward to your comments below.

The Editor

2 thoughts on “How do Interpreters Work? Here is an answer.”

  1. Alfredo Babler says:

    This is another excellent educational video on the subject. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

  2. Gio Lester says:

    Alfred, if you want to go funny, nothing beats this one, in my opinion: I Love Lucy – Lucy goes to jail in Paris and you can’t stop laughing:

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