Advocacy Day

May 22 is NAJIT Advocacy Day

Monday, May 22 is NAJIT Advocacy Day. Join NAJIT in Washington, DC. Together our voices are louder and can reach farther!

NAJIT will be scheduling a group visit with Executive Branch offices and recommend interpreters and translators schedule appointments with their own legislators.

That is only one part of the process. The job starts now. NAJIT members received an invitation to be part of a survey on February 8. The survey will only be open until February 24! Show your commitment to our profession, to our colleagues, and to your future.

Are you ready to make your voice heard? 

Take the Survey!

Look up your State Legislators

Check out NAJIT’s Annual Educational Conference

Colorful DC

3 thoughts on “May 22 is NAJIT Advocacy Day”

  1. Observer Editor says:

    Hello, Everyone. We noticed an issue with the survey link and, while our tech team tackles it, we invite all NAJIT members to use the link sent to them on February 8 to answer the survey. Your input is needed for our Advocacy Day to have the impact intended.

    Thank you.
    The Editors

    1. Observer Editor says:

      Guess what? Our team is awesome and the link is working. Thank you for your patience.

      The Editors

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