What Would You Have Done?

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Has this -or something similar- ever happened to you?

Our colleague arrives in the  court for her assignment just to discover that the deponent was a native English speaker and did not need her services. The request for a Spanish interpreter was made because of the deponent’s Hispanic last name. No fact checking took place.

Instead of releasing our colleague, the Interpreter Administrator decided to use her services in another capacity: assist the English speaking defendant fill out dozens of pages of forms – which happened to be in English, by the way.

The interpreter explained that it was unnecessary and not part of her job at which point the Interpreter Administrator called the hiring agency to complain. Instead of supporting our colleague, the agency threatened to withhold pay if she did not comply.

1- Assist the English speaker to make sure you get paid.
2- File a complaint with the proper office in the courthouse.
3- Tell the agency the problem is between them and the Interpreter Administrator, not you, and leave.
4- …


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