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Dear Readers,

I have been trusted with following on the footsteps of our Founder, Maria Cristina, and Kevin, our second Blog Administrator. The commitment is there to do my best, and since the blog is a collaborative enterprise, we count on you also to help us make it a success.

Our authors are first-line actors in our profession: courtroom interpreters, trainers, learners, medical interpreters, conference interpreters, interpreter trainers… But in our collective experience we have not lived all possible experiences, so your questions, requests, contributions and comments are welcome and appreciated.

The NAJIT Observer brings real world experience, points of view and personal accounts to YOU. We do it with pleasure and pride because we believe we are contributing to our collective professional experience.

We trust you will enjoy our new phase and support us in our growth.

Giovanna Lester, C.T.
Blog Administrator 2016


4 thoughts on “The NAJIT Observer”

  1. Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner says:

    Congratulations Gio! I look forward to this new phase of the NAJIT Observer and more great blogs. And thank you Kevin for your awesome work and all your contributions. Way to pass the baton!

    1. Kevin Mercado says:

      Thank you, Melinda; glad I was able to help. Congrats Gio, best wishes! You have a strong team, and I look forward to following the great work ya’ll do with the NAJIT Observer.

      1. Gio Lester says:

        Kevin, not so fast! We still count on you to help us keep moving forward. Thank you for your leadership and I will strive to keep The Observer going strong.


  2. Gio Lester says:

    Thank you, Melinda. It has been a great adventure and we are looking forward to more.

    We look forward to your contributions – here in the comments or with articles. – G

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