On Advocacy: An International Joint Effort

Esther Navarro-HallMeet NAJIT’s Chair, Esther M. Navarro-Hall. Fitting her 30-year career in this intro is impossible, so we offer you some highlights. Esther is a pioneer in online training, practical technologies and social media for interpreters, provides training for interpreters and interpreter trainers in the U.S. and abroad. She is an Adjunct Professor at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), and holds both Federal and State (CA) courts interpreter certifications. To learn more about Esther, please visit her company’s website, 1Culture.

On Saturday, March 5, a ground-breaking document was made public via NAJIT’s website and on various social media outlets. The T&I Descriptions document seeks “To support clarity in understanding the role of Translators, Interpreters, Transcriber-Translators and Terminologists…”. You can read the full text by clicking on the image to the right.

Eight months in the making, and under the leadership of Esther M. Navarro-Hall (NAJIT Chair) and Helen Eby (OSTI President), this joint effort is another wonderful example of collaboration among associations. Four national and international associations have endorsed this document in its entirety (AIIC, Mano a Mano, NAJIT, NCIHC) and many others have already expressed an interest in adding their logo to this effort.

It is our hope that as T&I professionals you will find this document useful for any outreach, stakeholder education, academic, advocacy or professional purpose you see fit, and that you will disseminate far and wide. Thank you to all the practitioners who supported us with their hard work and words of encouragement. For the blog post from our dear colleagues at OSTI, please click here.

If your professional T&I association (state, national or international) is interested in adding its endorsement to this document, please send me an e-mail. An additional page will be created for this purpose. We truly appreciate your interest and commitment to the improvement of our profession!

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4 thoughts on “On Advocacy: An International Joint Effort”

  1. Clarence E. Williamson says:

    Dear Ms Navarro-Hall:

    It was a pleasure to receive your note informing me of the result of the work you and your colleagues achieved to help bring clarity to the essential tasks of our trade.

    The Translation and Interpreting description document I am sure will further enhance and facilitate understanding of our work among judges, attorneys, courtroom personnel, police, plaintiffs, defendants, and all others involved with the functions of communication not only in the legal area but throughout all of society.

    Please accept my gratitude and congratulations for improving the areas of work in which we are involved.

    Should NAJIT ever intend to increase its diversity of languages at its headquarters, I am always ready as a Korean linguist to entertain the matter to do my part..


    Clarence E. Williamson (USA, Cpt., Ret.)
    Ph.D., Korean Studies
    Subject Matter Expert, Northeast Asia


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