News from InTrans Book Service, Inc. – September 2014 – Volume 5, Number 6

Dear NAJIT Blog Readers,

This week we’d like to share with you a special message from Mr. Freek Lankhof.  Freek,  thank you for all you’ve done throughout the years to strengthen our profession. – Kevin  (You can read more about Freek in our June 6th, 2014 post “Freek Lankhof: Our Favorite Bookseller!” by Jennifer De La Cruz,)

It is with a heavy heart that I’m writing this, which may very well be my last, newsletter. So far this year it has become clear that InTrans Book Service can no longer generate enough business to justify its existence. Sales have consistently lacked the level needed to stay profitable. I have therefore decided to close down InTrans Book Service as per December 31, 2014. As of September 1, I will no longer import books but try to sell the current inventory at reduced prices. For said period I will continue to carry titles that are available in the United States and that are listed as available on my web site In the coming weeks I will start marking those tiles that are no longer in stock, those titles that are available will be listed with their quantity and sale price.

It was my plan to once more attend the Annual ATA Conference in Chicago to personally say good bye and offer you good deals but had no choice but to decide against it due to the high cost of participation. My last road trip will be to the CFI in Los Angeles on Columbus Day Weekend.

Many times I feared and thought about when the moment would come that I would have to say goodbye to all my customers and business friends. I always thought it would be tomorrow instead of today. And then suddenly it is today. The change in the business climate has speeded up my decision to throw in the towel. My mainstay, the travel to all the translator/interpreter events where I was able to offer you my product, has become too costly and made it impossible to compete with on-line vendors offering same product at often much lower prices, and very often even lower than my cost. It is easy to complain about this trend, one should look for alternatives to remain competitive but I no longer see those alternatives and will leave the search to others.

So this is the end of the ride. It was a wonderful one and has kept me out of trouble for over 25 years. I thank you for allowing me to serve you throughout all these years as the bookseller catering solely to your profession, one that is so dear to my heart. You have given me the opportunity to do what I like most: helping you become better translators and interpreters. No greater pleasure could I have gotten out of doing a job! I wish you all good luck and lots of success in your careers.

With warm regards,

Freek Lankhof

18 thoughts on “News from InTrans Book Service, Inc. – September 2014 – Volume 5, Number 6”

  1. carmen Febres-Cordero says:

    Dear Freek,
    It is sad to see you go. I wish you all the best in this new stage. You have always been very accommodating and helpful and I cannot thank you enough.
    I am going to miss you at the ATA conference, and I am sure my credit card will miss you too.

  2. Dear Freek,

    Thank you for everything you’ve done for interpreters and translators throughout the years. You’ll be missed at every conference. Much luck and happiness in your next endeavors.

    All my best,

  3. Freek,

    I will miss you at the AAIT conferences. You are always so kind and patient with all of our questions. Thank you for your excellent advice, you really know your stuff!

    I have some amazing tools thanks to you.


    Michelle Gonzales

  4. Edgar Hidalgo says:

    Dear Freek,

    The NAJIT Conferences will not be the same without you!!!! I remember I would always be excited to see what new books you would have in your stands to add to my collection. More than that, it was always nice to talk to you during the breaks and hear your comments on the new editions. I wish you the best of luck and I hope we can run into each other again sometime. Take care!

  5. ANNA WATROUS says:

    Dear Freek, Thanks for the many years of service, and the wonderful books you provided….you will definitely be missed!

  6. Judy Jenner says:

    My dear friend Freek:

    This industry won’t be the same without you. Words cannot express how highly I think of you and everything you have done to better or profession. Put simply: you are irreplaceable. Thanks for the books, the laughter, the cookies, the memories, and the book signings. I have no reason to visit the ATA Exhibitor Hall if you are not there.


  7. John Vaughn says:

    Dear Freek,

    There is no doubt that all of us are going to miss browsing through your endless array of the highest-quality books money can buy relating to interpreting and translation. That was always my favorite thing about attending the conferences. Most of all, I’ll miss seeing you. I wish you great success in all of your future endeavors, whatever they might be, and hope to see you again soon!

    John Vaughn
    Sheboygan, Wisconsin

  8. Gladys Matthews says:

    Freek, my dearest friend,

    I will miss you so terribly! I do dare to hope, though, that you will be pursuing projects that will fill your heart with joy. It was certainly a joy meeting you calling you a friend.

    Please, do keep in touch.

    With my warmest regard and everlasting friendship.

    Gladys Matthews
    Indianapolis, IN

  9. Elena Klaver says:

    Dear Freek, I would like to add to the comments of friends and colleges. As a professional interpreter, and also as a book lover, I would like to thank you for your years of service to the community, and for all the work to keep traveling to conventions with your books. While your choice is understandable, it is sad, too, because you have been a friend and book advisor as well as a businessperson. I will also miss you and your table, and wish you the very best in your future work and endeavors. You will always have a special place in the heart of NAJIT and ATA members, and will be very much missed. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Elena (with a Dutch last name!)

  10. Alejandra Franks says:

    Oh, amigo! So, so sad to see you go… I believe I read a comment about having no reason now to visit the Exhibitor halls anymore. I could not agree more. You’d leave a huge hole.
    Thank you for your dedication for so many years to this niche. You did it with such love and care. I have so many books (and memories) that’d stay with me. But most importantly, thank you for your friendship.
    Wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  11. Rafael Carrillo says:

    Dear Freek,

    I was looking forward to chatting, sharing stories and having lunch with you at our vendor tables at the New Mexico conference as we have done for several years now. You will be missed by all at this and the many other conferences you have attended throughout the years. You have contributed so much to our profession and helped so many of us by giving us the tools we needed to do our jobs. I sincerely wish you the best and please don’t be a stranger.

    Hasta pronto Amigo.

  12. Pat Rojas says:

    Dear Freek,

    My library of translation materials grew steadily through the years with the selections I purchased from you, especially in my early years as a translator.
    Thank you for providing such an array of materials that have enriched and furthered my professional life.
    I wish you much success in any endeavor you decide to pursue. You will be missed, Freek.
    Warm regards,
    Pat Rojas
    Miami, FL

  13. Georganne Weller says:

    Dearest Freek,
    I am SO sorry it has come to this, as I mentioned in a personal message to you. NAJIT and ATA will simply not be the same ever again. Thanks so much for the fine services and personalized attention you have offered us over the years. Best of luck and hope our paths cross again in the near future. BIG BIG HUG.

  14. Dear Freek:

    We met last year at the ATA conference, I’m sorry that was the last time I’d see you there. The Exhibitor Hall won’t be the same without you!
    Best, Jesse

  15. Rosemary Dann says:

    Dear Freek,

    I will miss you at our conferences – there may be other booksellers, but no one else will have your unique, personal touch or the extraordinary generosity of time and spirit that you’ve shared with us at NAJIT. I’d say that I’ll miss our chats, but I hope that we won’t lose touch. If you’re in Phoenix, mi casa es tu casa.



  16. Angela Zawadzki says:

    Lieve Freek,

    I will miss you terribly. You are the one of the last of a breed, a true “boekhandelaar. ” Everytime I went to conferences or dealt with you over the phone you made me feel I was back in Holland at one of those marvelous bookstores I used to visit in my adolescence. Your kindness, warmth and professionalism are exceptional.

    Heel erg bedankt min vriend. Tot ziens.


  17. Dear Mr. Lankhof,

    It was always such a great pleasure to see you at Interpreter Conferences and Events: A lovely man with an incredible knowledge of books! I used to always be thrilled to read your newsletter, containing new titles and places where you would be off to next. As I said to you, who would give us warm hugs, and take the time to chat with us? I will miss you, but so we all.

    I do hope the new chapter in your life gives you as much satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, and happiness altogether as InTransBooks did.I am sure it will.

    Please, keep in touch. THANKS SO MUCH for everything!!

  18. Donna Bos says:

    Dear Mr. Lankhof,

    I too am very sorry to read that you will no longer be selling your marvelous books. For several years now you and your company have been my favorite and nearly sole source for dictionaries, glossaries, etc. relating to interpretation and translation. InTrans was my favorite shopping place and such a great place to recommend to other people. Unfortunately, my budget did not allow me to buy all the books I really wanted.

    I have appreciated buying books from you and wish you well in the next chapter in your life. We will miss you at the MiTiN conference in October.

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