NAJIT Joins with More than 500 Organizations to Help Build Tomorrow’s Workforce

Groups Will Advocate to Help Pass the Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act

Atlanta, GA— NAJIT joined with more than 500 trade associations, professional societies, businesses and employers to form the Tomorrow’s Workforce Coalition, established to build support for the Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act (S. 722 / H.R. 1477). The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC) lead the new group.

The bipartisan, bicameral Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act would expand qualified expenses under 529 savings plans to include postsecondary training and credentialing, such as licenses and professional certifications. The bill would provide valuable tax-advantaged resources for families, students and workers—with or without a college degree—who pursue career growth, mid-career changes or pathways that diverge from a typical academic route.

At NAJIT, we recognize that skilled and well-prepared professionals are the cornerstone of progress and success in the judiciary interpretation and translation domain. As part of this dynamic coalition, NAJIT is committed to the pursuit of members leveraging the power of 529 Educational accounts for their educational pursuits, ensuring they have the necessary resources to embark on a journey of continuous growth and excellence. Here’s why this initiative is important:

  • Financial Empowerment
  • Elevating Professional Development
  • Strengthening Credentials
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Advocating for the Profession

We take immense pride in our commitment to empowering NAJIT members with the tools and opportunities needed to thrive in their careers. The “Tomorrow’s Workforce Coalition” membership is a testament to our dedication to advancing the profession and elevating the standards of judiciary interpretation and translation. Together, we will take a leap toward excellence, unity, and progress!

“The Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act can empower workers of any educational background, skill level or age,” said ASAE President and CEO Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE. “This pragmatic policy would support all industries and professions that rely on employees with specialized training or credentials. Our community is grateful to the Congressional champions for their commitment to supporting our current and future workforce.”

“Knowledge, skills and abilities are essential to help professionals grow their careers and for industries to grow their impact,” said Institute for Credentialing Excellence Executive Director and co-leader of the PCC Denise Roosendaal, FASAE, CAE. “It is a privilege to support the Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act, which will help strengthen industries, professions and the broader economy.”

The bill is led by Representatives Rob Wittman (R-Va.) and Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Mike Braun (R-Ind.) in the U.S. Senate.

Training and credentialing organizations help expand industry excellence, establish and strengthen professional pathways, increase workers’ earning power, foster marketplace competition and supply consumers with the best products, services and expertise. A member roster can be found at

MEDIA CONTACT: Rob Cruz, CAE, Executive Director

One thought on “NAJIT Joins with More than 500 Organizations to Help Build Tomorrow’s Workforce”

  1. Hi Rob,

    This is an amazing opportunity for our professions. Thank you, the Board and anyone else that contributed to this action taken by NAJIT.

    We are so lucky to have you all working towards the professions’ future.


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