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Heidi Cazés-Sevilla Gerda Prato-Espejo
Heidi Cazés-Sevilla and Gerda Prato-Espejo have an invitation for you. They are NAJIT’s Nominations Committee and want to make sure we are ready to cast our votes and don’t forget to do so. After all, WE are NAJIT!

Conference time is near, and with it, we have NAJIT’s Annual Meeting, during which the new Board of Directors is announced.

The affairs, business and concerns of the Association are vested in our Board, and the Directors form a diverse active body that discusses and decides the route NAJIT follows in the present and the future, and how it represents the interests of all of us, its members.

NAJIT Elections

Meet the Candidates

This year, there are six wonderfully qualified candidates running to fill out the three open director slots on the Board. Our candidates are Rafael Carrillo, Dan DeCoursey, Gladys Matthews, Ernest Niño-Murcia,  Maria Palacio , and Hilda Shymanik. They are all our colleagues who are willing to volunteer their time to our association.

It is up to us to decide who will serve on the Board and to help us in our decision-making the candidates have all submitted bios and statements for us to learn more about them.  Now it is our turn: just click on their names above (or on the picture to the left) to see their profiles and statements before you vote.

NAJIT is a forward thinking and thriving organization. To keep pace with our lifestyles and technology, NAJIT Board elections are handled electronically. All Active and Life Members can vote online or mail in their ballots. You need to cast your vote before May 11, 2016 (follow the link above for more details). The votes will be tallied and the results announced during the Annual Meeting on May 14.

Your participation matters!! Make sure your voice is heard.  VOTE!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Candidates”

  1. Rosemary Dann says:

    I have already voted! (Much easier than the Primary in Arizona!) This is a stellar list of nominees, and I applaud the Nominations Committee for giving us such a great slate to choose from.

  2. Gladys Matthews says:

    I agree, voting this year quite easy and hope many of our NAJIT colleagues will take a couple of minutes to cast their votes.



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