Call for all Volunteers: Blog Subcommittee

The Blog Subcommittee, part of the NAJIT’s Public Relations Committee, is seeking volunteers. Please review the description of the committee below.

The NAJIT Blog subcommittee produces posts with information that is pertinent to the advancement of judiciary interpretation and translation. Our audience transcends professional and geographic boundaries: students in Brazil, professionals in Spain, lawyers and colleagues from all over the US read The NAJIT Blog. Our posts have been republished online by AIIC and Canadian MultiLanguages Corp, and featured in the ATA Chronicle and many professional blogs worldwide. Our posts focus on topics related to the profession that are didactic or informative in nature, or that are creative and include a specific takeaway, key thought or call to action. We engage in enlightening conversations with our audience through the comments section. Come you too and be part of this creative exchange – you can be both writer and reader. We look forward to your contribution.

To become a volunteer for the Blog Committee please email NAJIT’s administrator Tanni Rednor at Feel free to also email with any questions or concerns regarding becoming a volunteer. Thank you.

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