Unleash Your Potential by Volunteering for a NAJIT Committee!

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? NAJIT invites you to empower yourself by joining our vibrant committees. As a member-driven organization, we thrive on the passion and dedication of professionals like you.

Why Serve on a Committee?

🌐 Connection: Discover the heartbeat of NAJIT and become an integral part of our community.

🗣️ Influence: Your insights and contributions shape the future of the Association and the profession.

🚀 Growth: Expand your network, skills, and knowledge in the translation and interpretation fields.

Committee’s Seeking Volunteers:

📢 Advocacy Committee: Are you passionate about promoting the unique skills and expertise of judiciary interpreters and translators? Do you want to play a crucial role in elevating the status and recognition of our professions? We’re Seeking dedicated members who can offer their time, skills, and passion to advocate, educate, and inspire change.

🤝 Membership Committee: Unleash your passion for engagement and outreach! This committee connects NAJIT with diverse stakeholders, promoting membership growth and retention. Work on initiatives that resonate with you, from membership materials to potential member databases.

📚 Proteus Editorial Committee: Calling all wordsmiths and content enthusiasts! Join us in shaping Proteus, our quarterly publication that keeps members informed and inspired. Curate articles, proofread submissions, and be part of crafting a must-read source for NAJIT insiders.

📱 Social Media Committee: Are you a social media guru with an eye for detail? As part of this dynamic team, you’ll help maintain NAJIT’s online presence. Ensure that our social media platforms align with our Mission, Vision, and Core Values, and take the lead in exciting initiatives like our upcoming APP project.

🎓 Training & Education Committee: Share your expertise and passion for learning! If you’re driven to provide quality education, this committee is your stage. Develop webinars, workshops, and training opportunities that enhance skills and knowledge within the translation and interpretation professions.

Get Involved Today:

Step into a world of opportunity and impact by becoming an active member of our committees.  Committee membership opportunities are extended to all NAJIT members. Make sure you are a member because your voice matters, your ideas count, and your dedication makes a difference. Committee work is flexible and conducted via email and conference calls, tailored to your schedule.

Are you ready to shape the future of the NAJIT community and the interpreting and translation professions? Contact us now to learn more about the exciting possibilities waiting for you. Together, let’s elevate NAJIT and propel our professions to new heights! 🚀🌎🌟

Click here to access NAJIT’s volunteer form. You can find details about all NAJIT Committees on the committees webpage.

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