Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Proteus 2020 Summer Volume XXXIII Issue No 2

By Salua Kamerow

This issue was undoubtedly a small one. The pandemic brought for Proteus an unprecedented recession in terms of submissions but it increased our confidence in that quality is always better than quantity.

The pandemic impacted our lives, and it also affected our professions as translators and interpreters. Thus, Gloria M. Rivera put together a medical guide to understand the outbreak, the virus, and the illness with its repercussions. This guide will not only help us understand the virus medically, but it will also give translators and interpreters a sense of the pandemic terminology.

Sandro Tomasi, on the other hand, noted changes in the concept of preliminary hearings in New York and analyzed the terminology. He shares with us a short piece to understand what a preliminary hearing is and how the term is adopted in other countries.

This is my last issue as Editor-in-Chief of Proteus. I am stepping down because I was accepted to pursue a Juris Doctor degree at the Richmond School of Law, starting this fall. The NAJIT Board has appointed a new Editor in Chief, a woman who knows our newsletter very well and has many years of experience as an editor: Kathleen Shelly.

Kathleen not only knows our publication guidelines by heart, she helped Arianna draft them. She is smart, writes concisely, and it is the most efficient person I’ve known in my career as a translator, writer, and editor.

I hope this issue brings you an hour of good reading while you enjoy a good cup of coffee. Enjoy!

Salua Kamerow

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