Letter from the Editor

Congratulations to everyone on another successful conference! Unfortunately, I was not able to attend, but Rosemary Dann has nothing but great things to say about the conference. It goes without mentioning that a well-run conference is the product of a lot of hard work behind the scenes. It truly is a labor of love, so make sure you thank the organizers and share your feedback when you get a chance.

Also, summer is here! Time to hang out at the beach (for those of us on the coast, at least), send the kids off to summer camp, and perhaps submit an article to Proteus? We have a new website, a dedicated team of editors, so all that is missing is…your submission. Please consider drafting an article and sending it to us, as this would be an excellent way to keep abreast from afar until our conference in San Francisco next year.

As always, enjoy summer, and stay tuned…

Kind regards,
Dan DeCoursey, Proteus Editor-in-Chief

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