For Better or Verse

Douglas Hal Sillers

The Slimming Scheme

We Interpreters sit. That could cause harm.
We need to stay fit. Exercise is the charm.

Half a mile walk, or short climb up the stair
Keeps a backside from filling all of the chair

Give up some sugar. Cut back on the bread.
Cut down on butter and that other spread.

We don’t need a soda nor bowl of ice cream.
Eat oatmeal ‘n yogurt in a slimming scheme.

Don’t heap second helpings upon your plate,
And as for dessert, well, that surely can wait.

Since Coffee ’n cookies may be our downfall,
We should never succumb to their siren call.

We ought not eat cake, don’t need apple pie,
And for goodness’ sake, let’s not tell a fat lie.

Weigh in every day and drop maybe a pound.
Continue in motion, the weight will go down.

So what is the goal? Do we want to be svelte?
No. Just not to buy Xtra Lrg and a longer belt.

Douglas Hal Sillers 09-09-16

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