For Better or Verse: Facing Our Task

By Hal Sillers

Facing Our Task

We can agree that we are only mortal
And will be called to that Pearly Portal,
But as our life flows by pressure aortal,
Awaiting the call, we sit back ‘n chortle.

Facing our task with the usual temerity,
Words flash by with increasing celerity,
To interpret it all we will achieve clarity.
With any luck, we will not cause hilarity.

Sometimes the parties go off the tracks.
They argue and dispute, we don’t relax,
Allowing none to fall through the cracks.
A record’s not made of alternative facts.

There are occasions we are under stress,
Interpreting cold, no information access.
The speed of a speaker may be in excess
Of 200 per minute – we pray for a recess.

Even though ‘tis thus, with verve and zest
We continue to search as well as to quest
To pick the right word and then to attest:
It’s great to be here, not gone to our rest.

[Hal Sillers is a MN State and federally certified interpreter of Spanish and frequent contributor to this column. Hal is also the Staff Interpreter for the MN 8th Judicial District.]

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