For Better or Verse: Microchip vs. Blue chip

By Hal Sillers

Microchip vs. Blue chip

The folks working ‘round him have the latest microchip

iGadgets, phones and tablets; it’s a kool-aid they all sip.

He is not a rich interpreter. His phone opens with a flip.

It does not have a million apps. No one can say it’s hip.

He loves to hear it chirping with a “Biddly-biddly-blip,”

Just like a communicator from Captain Kirk’s Star Ship.

It will not hail an Uber ride, but he’s not on an ego trip.

He gets to where he has to go, even with a buggy whip.

All his friends say grimly, “Man, you have to get a grip!”

“It’ll be fine,” he answers smiling. ”Social media’s a gyp.”

Paying for a smarter phone, his income would outstrip.

What if he were to buy it, then get the feared pink slip?

Even though his antique phone won’t take a selfie-clip,

It hasn’t cost the 1,000 bucks he’s saved for a blue chip.

[Hal Sillers is a MN state and federally certified interpreter of Spanish and frequent contributor to this column. Hal is also the Staff Interpreter for the MN 8th Judicial District.]

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