For Better or Verse – Driven

By Hal Sillers


Since we drive, drove and have driven
To reach the places that we live in,
Logic says we must arrive, arrove and have arriven.

And as we strive, strove and have striven,
To organize the world God has given,
We’re obliged to thrive, to throve and to have thriven.

Though dive and dove should give us diven,
And weave ‘n wove ought be wiven,
There’s rive, not rove, yet clearly we can still say riven.

Cleave can be clove, but for naught can it be cliven,
And two opposites are known, by h’ven.
So if you don’t get English, you are certainly forgiven.

[Hal Sillers is a MN state and federally certified interpreter of Spanish and frequent contributor to this column. Hal is also the Staff Interpreter for the MN 8th Judicial District.]

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