For Better or Verse

By Hal Sillers

Time is short when we’re in court,
As the docket we survey.
For criminal court or a civil tort
The message we convey.
We sight translate, don’t hesitate,
And meaning we purvey.

In “simul” mode we are not slowed
By speech that we relay.
Thoughts acrobatic and never static,
Sometimes with dismay,
We find a word that we once heard
And use it, though risqué.

In consecutive, by the code we live;
Ethics we’ll not betray.
We don’t advise, nor summarize;
Professionals all the way.
We do it all spring, summer, fall
And winter with cachet.

Douglas Hal Sillers 04-25-16

[Hal Sillers is a MN State and federally certified interpreter of Spanish and frequent contributor to this column. Hal is also the Staff Interpreter for the MN 8th Judcial District.]

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