Alessandra Ferreira

Houston, TX 77018

Languages Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian

Interpreter Specialties Telephone/Remote, Medical, Liaison, Immigration, Court/Legal, Consecutive, Conference, Simultaneous, General

Translator Specialties Localization, General

States Certified (or equivalent official designation by the State Office of Administration) Texas

Professional Information

- Healthcare - Legal (Work Force, Immigration, Civil court, Deposition) - Simultaneous Mode

Something You Should Know

Seasoned interpreter, working professionally since 2015, on simultaneous or consecutive modes. Having interpreterd at Master Calendar and Individual Merits hearings, depositions, Grand Jury, state prison, ICE interviews and others. As a Core-CHI and HUB-CMI certified, I interpreted for medical research studies as well as regular doctor's visit. In 2021 I was got my certification from University of Massachusetts for completing the Translation and Interpreting course. I also interpreted at international conferences such as Dallas African Summit.