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Proteus Summer 2023

Issue: 2023 Summer Volume XXXVI Issue No. 2

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Issue: 2023 Spring Volume XXXVI Issue No. 1

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Issue: 2022 Summer-Fall Volume XXXV Issue Nos 2-3

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Issue: 2022 Spring Volume XXXV Issue No 1

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Issue: 2021 Winter Volume XXXIV Issue No 4

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Issue: 2021 Fall Volume XXXIV Issue No 3

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Issue: 2021 Summer Volume XXXIV Issue No 2

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Issue: 2021 Spring Volume XXXIV Issue No 1

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Issue: 2020 Fall/Winter Volume XXXIII Issues No 3/4

Interpreters Everywhere

Issue: 2015 Fall Volume XXVIII Issue No 3
By Emily Ortiz Alfonso To be accurate, the title is misleading.  After all, I was certified by the state of South Carolina, and the state of North Carolina has granted me reciprocity.  Most court interpreters have entered this time-honored profession simply by happenstance.  Indeed, a...