Virtual Presenter Survey

Presenter Survey – Virtual Conference Sessions

Please complete the following short survey to help us provide the best experience for you and your audience. When filling out the survey, keep in mind that your session will be available to in-person and virtual attendees. NAJIT will have moderators available in the virtual and in-person rooms to help with fielding questions.

"*" indicates required fields

Please share the name of the main contact for your session.
Please share the email address for the main contact of your workshop or session.
Share a brief overview of your vision for the flow of your virtual session keeping in mind you will be presenting to a virtual audience and in-person attendees at the NAJIT conference venue.
Will your presentation be more lecture style or more attendee participation focused?*
Will you be providing a recorded version of your session?
Sessions may be pre-recorded. Recordings may be used as a back-up plan or may used as the content for your session. If a recording is used, please plan to join your session at its scheduled time for a live Q&A session.
Would you like to use Zoom Polls?*
Would you like to use Zoom Breakout Rooms for your presentation?*
Would you like to use the Question and Answer feature in Zoom?*
Will you be providing your slide deck to be uploaded as a handout attendees can access/download within the event platform?*
NOTE: If YES. Your slide deck must be sent to by May 23rd. This is the same deadline to send handouts or any other items you would like uploaded.
If you wish to use the Zoom Q&A feature, would you like the session moderator to review the questions submitted by reading them to you to answer during the Q&A portion of the session?*

Would you like the session moderator to review the chat area and bring questions to you during the Q&A portion of the session?*

Would you like the session moderator to advance the slides of your PowerPoint?*
If you would like the moderator to advance your slides, we need the final version of your PowerPoint one-week prior to your session.
Would you like the session moderators to perform a live intro and outro for the session?*
The session moderator can introduce the presenter and also close out the session. Closing out the session may include information that NAJIT asks presenters to share with their audience. Items like how to submit feedback or other logistical pieces of information. We will contact you to provide a script for your introduction and/or closing for your session. (check all that apply)