Proteus Winter Edition

Winter Issue 2016/17

It’s Finally Here! A Chat with Javier F. Becerra
About His New Online Dictionary


By María Fernanda Arámbula

Yes, it is finally here! Javier F. Becerra’s English-Spanish Dictionary of United States Legal Terminology is now available online at Why did the author decide to go online? When I asked him, Javier F. Becerra answered: …

Analyzing CALCRIM 121: Are Bilingual Jurors
“Triers of Fact” or “Triers of Language”?

By Joel E. Rubert, J.D.

In California’s state courts, when the court anticipates that testimony may be given in a language other than English at trial, it may read CALCRIM (California Criminal Jury Instructions for Judges and Attorneys) Instruction No.121 to the jury, either before the witness testifies or, if the instruction is modified, before the case is handed to the jury for deliberations. The instruction states: …

What’s Going on in Immigration Courts?

By Dan DeCoursey

A new language service provider offering lower rates. Some interpreters refusing to sign the contract. Fiery blogs alleging unfair treatment. No, I’m not talking about court interpreters in the United Kingdom. I’m referring to what’s going on in immigration courts here in the United States …