Welcome to the NAJIT Listserv page!

Dear NAJIT members,

The NAJIT Board is pleased to announce a new listserv will be launched September 29th, 2016. As many of you remember, NAJIT once had a listserv that greatly contributed to the exchange among its membership. We’ve heard from many of you and your desire to have a NAJIT listserv. We are thrilled to bring this back as a member benefit!

The new listserv will be a supplement to our other social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will continue to look for ways to engage and serve our members.  We hope you will take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the listserv and participate actively.


The NAJIT Board

What is a listserv?

The listserv is an email-based platform. All individual NAJIT memberships are eligible to join the Listserv. The default subscription sends the subscriber via email each message as posted. Several message delivery options are available to you, including opting out, receiving a digest, and checking the listserv via the web (receiving no messages via email). More details can be found in the listserv instructions below.

When should I use the listserv?

The listserv is only as good as the messages posted by NAJIT subscribers. We urge all subscribers to consider posting – especially by asking and answering questions and sharing valuable information. The listserv should also be a great place to discuss issues affecting the profession. Please review NAJIT’s listserv guidelines for message rules and etiquette.

Replying to all via the listserv vs. replying to the person posting a message.

Since listserv messages go to everyone, we would suggest only posting messages of interest to everyone. Please refrain from posting comments along the lines of “me too” or “thanks” as that type of message adds to clutter in everybody’s inbox.  Contacting the person privately would be a better option for that type of message.

How do I change the way I receive messages?

Review the listserv instructions for complete details on changing your preferences.

How do I opt out?

To opt out, or unsubscribe, click on the link [URL] at the end (in the footer) of each message. It reads: “To unsubscribe click here: [URL is provided.]” Don’t forget you can reduce the number of messages you receive by changing your delivery options. Review the listserv instructions for complete details on changing your preferences.

I opted out, how do I opt back in?

If you opted out of the listserv and wish to re-subscribe, send an email to subscribe-najitlistserv@lyris-mb.dundee.net. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your request. The listserv administrators will receive a notification to add you. Your subscription will not go into effect until a list administrator approves your subscription.

Can I use a different email address?

We use the email address on your NAJIT membership for your initial enrollment in the listserv. If you prefer to use an alternate email address, email moderators@najit.org with your request.

Why have I stopped receiving listserv messages?

Review the status of your NAJIT membership. The listserv is for members only. You will be automatically removed from the listserve if your membership lapses.