NAJIT Healthcare Program

A solution to the high cost of healthcare for NAJIT members

NAJIT offers an innovative suite of membership benefits that appeal to language professionals. Our newest membership program is available to all NAJIT members* with savings of up to 60% off of traditional group health insurance.

Enrollment is Open!

Complete details of the program are below. For more information or to discuss enrollment please call 888-994-4979 or email:

PLEASE NOTE:  Sedera Medical Cost Sharing is NOT insurance and is not issued or offered by an insurance company.  While every effort is made to meet member’s medical needs, Sedera does not guarantee payment of any medical expense.  The SALA Healthcare Program is currently unavailable in VT and SD.

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for an overview of the program.

The NAJIT Healthcare program simplifies what has become so complex and provides a high-end, affordable healthcare solution for employers, employees and sole-proprietors. It is compliant with ACA regulations, provides a four (4) Year “Rate Lock” ensuring rate stability in a very unstable market, and can lower healthcare costs by as much as 60% when compared to traditional group health insurance.

Participants may choose either the Apex Basic MEC Plan (HDHP) or the Advantage Plan for preventative coverage and then pair it with the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Plan for significant or catastrophic events. These ACA compliant packages include 100% coverage for all 18 preventative services for adults, 26 services for women, and 27 services for children. For details on these services please visit:

Sedera is a non-insurance, community sharing approach to managing health care costs. Participants in the medical cost sharing plan are self-pay patients and submit their expense for sharing to Sedera when they exceed their IUA* (Ex: illness, injury, pregnancy). There are no networks and members are free to go to the provider of their choice.

ELIGIBILITY: The only eligibility requirement for the NAJIT Healthcare Program is that you must be a NAJIT member. Your NAJIT membership must be maintained while enrolled in the healthcare program. If you have an individual membership (Active, Associate, or Student) the person the membership is listed under is eligible for the program. If you have a group membership (Corporate, Corporate Sponsor, or Organization) the company and its W2 employees are eligible for the program. NOTE: 1099 contractors are not eligible under a group membership, you must hold an individual NAJIT membership to be eligible to enroll in the healthcare program.

* IUA or Initial Unshareable Amount, which is the level of out-of-pocket expense to be paid by the plan participant and is selected upon enrollment.

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Program Highlights
Preventative Care

Urgent Care

Primary & Specialists

Catastrophic Costs

Laboratory & Imaging

Hospital Expenses

Prescription Drugs


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